December 14, 2010

Tech Quiz 27

  1. Expand EISA?
    A: Extended Industry Standard Architecture / European Imaging and Sound Association
  2. Magix Table is a product from?
    A: Touch Magix
  3. What is defined as “Machine that fits the human environment instead of forcing humans to enter theirs.”?
    A: Ubiquitous Computing
  4. He is one of the co-founder of SUN Microsystems. In 1995 he left SUN to found Granite Systems, a company focused on developing high speed network switches. Who is the personality?
    A: Andy Bechtolsheim
  5. What would you call the act of registering popular domain names, usually a company name, with an intent of selling it to the rightful owner ?
    A: Cybersquatting
  6. Who is claimed to be the first human to be affected with a computer Virus?
    A: Mark Gasson
  7. In sense of  biomechatronics, what is prosthetic limb ( or prosthesis, prosethic)?
    A: It is an artifical device extension that replaces a missing body part.
  8. Slate 500 is a multi-touch capable slate PC from which company?
    A: HP
  9. It was started in 1996 by Brewster Kahle with a mission “Universal Access to all Knowledge”. What are we describing?
    A: Internet Archive
  10. vPro is a technology of which famous company?
    A: Intel

December 12, 2010

Tech Quiz 26

  1. This device was originated as controls for aircraft ailerons and elevators. Ralph Baer created this device in 1967 for Video games for the first time. What is the device?
    A: Joystick
  2. In 2006, he was awarded the National Medal of Technology for inventing the home console for video games and spawning the video game industry.He is widely regarded as “The Father of Video Games”. Who is the identity?
    A: Ralph H Baer
  3. This website ,which has been launched in 2006, is run by Sunshine Press. This web site has the slogan “We open the government”. Identify the website?
  4. It was orginally started as Radio Manufactures Association(RMA) in 1924. It puts on the Annual International CES (Consumer Electronic Show). What is it?
    A: CEA (Consumer Electronics Association)
  5. “Honeycomb” is the code name of ?
    A: Android 3.0
  6. HTC manufactured the Nexus One phone. Then who manufactured the Nexus S?
    A: Samsung
  7. PenTile matrix family refers to a family of patented subpixel matrix schemes used in electronic device displays. Which company's trademark is PenTile?
    A: Samsung
  8. What would you call a class of mobile device that combine certain features of both smartphone & netbook?
    A: Smartbook
  9. What would you call a class of mobile device that combine certain features of both smartphone & netbook?
    A: Smartbook
  10. Expand TED, which is a global set of conferences curated by the American non-profit Sapling Foundation, formed to disseminate “Ideas worth Spreading”.?
    A: Technology Entertainment and Design

December 11, 2010

Tech Acronyms

Hi all,
Here TECH4YOU present a collection of Tech Acronyms & some thing else in a PDF document.

Download It

Download It

December 8, 2010

Tech Quiz 25

  1. It was founded by Anurag Dod and Gaurav Mishra, two Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi graduates in 2006 with the intent of being a "desi" search engine? what's it?
  2. Historically, it was developed from Telegraphic codes. It’s first commercial use was as a seven-bit teleprinter code promoted by Bell Data Services. What are we discussing?
    A: ASCII
  3. “Read. Share. Explore” is the tag line of?
    A: Shelfari
  4. When was the word “computer” was used for the first time?
    A: AD 1613
  5. Who is internationally recognised as the father of modern digital computer?
    A: George Stibitz
  6. Expand DDoS in sense of computer security?
    A: Distributed Denial of Service
  7. X stands for a thin slice of semi-conductor material, such as a silicon crystal, used in the fabrication of integrated circuits. What is X?
    A: wafer
  8. Expand PCMCIA?
    A: Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
  9. Expand PING?
    A: Packet InterNet Groper
  10. Which company developed the IRIX computer operating system?
    A: Silicon Graphics Inc.

November 19, 2010

November 14, 2010

Tech Quiz 24

  1. Quattron is the brand name of an LCD color display technology produced by which company?
    A: Sharp
  2. X is one of India's leading electronics brands, established as "MIRC Electronics" in 1981. Identify X?
    A: Onida
  3. Name the company marketed the Sansa series of portable media players
    A: Sandisk
  4. Expand NAG in connection with E-goverance.?
    A: National e-goverance Advisory Group
  5. Expand UMTS?
    A: Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.
  6. X is an OS(Operating System) based upon the Mach kernel. Certain parts from FreeBSD's and NetBSD's implementation of Unix were incorporated in NeXTSTEP, the core of X. Identify X?
    A: MAC OS X
  7. The term “Jailbreaking” , refers to process to get root previlages , is associated with which famous device?
    A: IPhone( also on ipod,ipad, products using IOS platform)
  8. How do you simply know a binary digit?
    A: bit
  9. This can be used for authentication, storing site preferences, shopping cart contents, the identifier for a server-based session, or anything else that can be accomplished through storing text data. This term was coined by web browser programmer Lou Montulli. Idetify the term?
    A: Cookie
  10. He was an American computer scientist known for his pioneering work in programming languages and the first recipient of the Turing Award. Identify him?
    A: Alan Jay Perlis

October 29, 2010

Tech Quiz 23

  1. It was started out as an experiment in November 2004 mainly by Kevin Rose. Matt Williams is the present CEO. What is described here?
    A: Digg
  2. He founded the company , Wheels of Zeus in 2001. Who am i point to?
    A: Steve Wozniak
  3. KIN is the brand name owned by?
    A: Microsoft
  4. S-LCD is a a joint venture between two companies established in 2004. One is samsung, which is the other company?
    A: Sony
  5. Expand OLED?
    A: Organic Light Emitting Diode
  6. How do you know Ambient Lignting Technology?
    A: Ambilight
  7. Pixel Plus, is a proprietary digital filter image processing technology. Which company is known for it’s development?
    A: Philips
  8. "providing trust for the Internet and Electronic Commerce through our Digital Authentication services and products." This quote belongs to which companies history?
    A: Verisign
  9. Acid 2, Acid 3 are tests to check the browser’s compatability. Name the personality who devloped this?
    A: Lan Hickson
  10. Presto, Gecko & Tasman are example of ?
    A: Web layout Engines or Rendering Engines for web browsers.

October 19, 2010

Tech Quiz 22

  1. X is a search engine system developed for Gopher protocol, developed in 1992 by Steven Foster and Fred Barrie. What is X?
    A: Veronica
  2. “Antibot” , “GoBack” are the software products from?
    A: Norton
  3. How do you know Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company?
    A: 3M
  4. The book “Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought“ by Douglas Hofstadter is very important in the history of this company. Identify the company?
  5. How do you know American standard code for information interchange?
    A: ASCII
  6. Who is referred as the father of Analysis of Algorithm?
    A: Donald Knuth
  7. Who manufactured the KIN mobile phones from Microsoft?
    A: Sharp Corportaion
  8. Originally the German company StarDivision developed the application as the proprietary software suite StarOffice. In 1999 Sun Microsystems purchased the code. In August 1999 version 5.2 of StarOffice was made available free of charge. How do we know this software now?
  9. “Gorilla Grip of Death” is associated with which popular product?
    A: iPhone 4
  10. HP & X was in a struggle to acquire the company 3 PAR. Which company is denoted by X?
    A: Dell

October 15, 2010

Tech Quiz 21

  1. K5 and K6 were the micro processors from AMD. What do the “K” stands for?
  2. How do you know the company “Tokyo Shibaura Denki” now?
  3. Natty Narwhal is the code name of ?
  4. AJAR is a application software platform owned by?
  5. Expand “MOODLE”?
  6. Drupal, Joomla are examples of?
  7. Jane Silber is the CEO of ?
  8. Expand DOF. Hint: Related to robots?
  9. Tecra and Portege and the laptop series from ?
  10. “Check Out” is online payment service by?

Answers added on 19/10/2010:
  1.  Kryptonite
  2.  Toshiba ( Tokyo Shibaura Denki )
  3. Upcoming ubuntu 11.04
  4.  Motorola
  5.  Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.
  6.  CMC ( Content Management Systems )
  7.  Canonical
  8.  Degree Of Freedom
  9.  Toshiba
  10.  Google

    TECH4YOU Article

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    Apart, from Microsoft repair center, there are many other Xbox 360 repair centers, which are created for the Xbox repair. These centers are specifically created for the repair of the Xbox. So, if you can afford the Microsoft repair, then send it to the Microsoft, and if you can’t then send it to other repair centers for Xbox. But, whenever you send your Xbox to any repair centre, other than Microsoft, make sure that the repair centre is authentic and reliable otherwise they would make your Xbox worse instead of repairing it. The best way to estimate the authenticity of the Xbox repair centre is to have a research about it before you finally send your Xbox there or you take it there personally. While making a research about it, read the testimonials about it so that you get an idea that what the other customer have to say about this repair centre. So, these Xbox 360 repair centers are a great option for the repair of the Xbox and an easy way out.

    Code names of XBox 360 editions:
    Project Natal, Zephyr, Firebird

    The Xbox 360 displaying three red lights, indicating Red Ring of Death
    "Red Ring of Death"  is the general hardware of Xbox 360 

    October 13, 2010

    TECH4YOU News

    Sachin Tendulkar brand ambassador of Toshiba:
    Toshiba Corporation has appointed Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador for corporate branding in India.

    Sachin Tendulkar said, "Toshiba as a brand embodies the aspects of "Quality, Technology and Design". Toshiba's philosophy to provide the very best is something that endears me to the brand. I am very happy and proud to be associated with the brand."
    read more

    October 7, 2010

    TECH4YOU Quiz 10

    What do you mean by a " Social Ghost"?

    Answer added on 15/10/2010:

    A Social ghost is a person who died but with an active account in a social networking site.

    TECH4YOU Quiz 09

    Sony started two projects applying the new diodes: UDO (Ultra Density Optical), and DVR Blue (together with Pioneer), a format of rewritable discs which eventually become X.

    What is X

    Answer added on 14/10/2010: Blue Ray

    September 13, 2010

    TECH4YOU Quiz 08

    Question :
    X is a predictive text technology for mobile phones, developed by Motorola as a competitor to T9.
    It was designed as a replacement for the old letter mappings on phones to help with word entry.
    This makes some of the modern mobile phones features like text messaging and note-taking easier.

    Identify the X?

    Answer added on 15/10/2010: iTap

    September 11, 2010

    TECH4YOU Picture Quiz

    These cows are the mascot which company?
    Hint: The logo of the company is with the cows.

    September 10, 2010

    TECH4YOU Quiz 07

    The PlayStation (officially abbreviated PS) brand is a series of video game consoles created and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Spanning the fifth, sixth, and seventh generations of video gaming, the brand was first introduced on December 3, 1994 in Japan.

    Our question is that who is known as the father of Play Station?

    September 4, 2010

    TECH4YOU Quiz 06

    X was previously known as the $100 Laptop, Children's Machine, and 2B1, also nicknamed ceibalita in Uruguay.
    Also tell who manufactured the X.

    Answer added on 10/8/2010:
    It is OLPC XO-1

    September 1, 2010

    TECH4YOU Quiz 05

    C1 & C2 are the Dual sim mobile handsets from which company?

    Answer added on 9/8/2010:

    C1 & C2

    August 28, 2010

    TECH4YOU Quiz 04

    These type of text belong to which test. Also name the scientist behind it?
    Answer added on 31/8/2010 : This belongs to CAPTCHA ( Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computer and Humans Apart). Alan Turing is behind it.

    August 24, 2010

    TECH4YOU Quiz 02

    If Bing : Cash Back, then Google : __________?

    Answer added on 29/8/2010:  Checkout

    August 22, 2010

    Logo quiz 03

    Identify this logo
    It is related to word wide web.

    Answer added on 29/8/2010:    Semantic Web

    August 21, 2010

    logo quiz 02

    Identify this logo

    Answer added on 28/8/2010:  Microsoft .Net Framework

    August 18, 2010

    logo quiz

    Identify the logo.
    This is the logo of a mobile application

    Answer added on 21-8-2010

    Ans : News Hunt ( a mobile news reading application )

    August 7, 2010

    August 4, 2010

    TECH4YOU Quiz 01

    Name the Indian made web browser with an integrated anti virus and word processor in it?

    post the answer as comment.
    Answer will be published by TEC4YOU after few days

    July 25, 2010

    Questioins 20

    1) Whose proud is “ Bada”, one of the mobile phone( smart phone ) OS?
    → Samsung
    2) Which is the first phone using Bada OS ?
    → Samsung Wave S8500
    3) Eye toy, Move etc.. belongs to which company?
    → Sony
    4) Which famous company is the parent of “ Lionhead Studios”?
    → Microsoft
    5) “ Dimitri” is the code name of a game associated with the Xbox game console.
    Which is the game?
    → Milo and Kate
    6) .es is the top level domain of ?
    → Spain
    7) Expand MMORPG & tell who coined this term ?
    → Massively Multi­player Online Role Playing Game. It was coined by Richard
    8) Who made the robot ' Roxxxy', claimed to be the world's first sex robot ?
    → TrueCompanion
    9) Whose tag line is “ Invent”?
    10) Computex 2010 held at ?
    → Taipei

    July 5, 2010

    Questions 19

    1) Aperture is the Photo Editing & Management software from ?
    2) How do you know video audio integrated operation
    →VAIO ( notebooks from Sony)
    3) XP in windows XP stands for ?
    → Experience
    4) Project Natal Belongs to which game console & company?
    → Xbox and Microsoft
    5) Name the open source video format based on HTML5 by Google?
    → WebM
    6) Google celebrated the 30th birthday of a popular game with playable doodle of
    the game. Which is the game?
    → Pac Man
    7) What do FIRA stands for ?
    → Federation of International Robosoccer Association
    8) 'TV meets Web. Web meets TV'. What's tag lineis this?
    → Google TV
    9) MileStone is a smart phone from which company?
    → Motorola
    10) How do you know the Dell Mini 5 now?
    → Dell Streak

    Logo Quiz

    Identify the Logo?

    AT & T

    April 19, 2010

    Tech Questions 18

    1) FLOPS is the measure of the perfomance of a Computer. What is the expansion of FLOPS ?
    Floating Point Operations Per Second.
    2) Name the SuperComputer from NEC which was the world’s first vector processor to exceed
    100 gigaFLOPS per single core ?
    → NEC SX9
    3) In 1844, David Brewster introduced a device that could take photographic pictures in 3D.
    Name the device ?
    → Stereoscope
    4) The brands H3C, TippingPoint belongs to which computer Networks company ?
    → 3Com
    5) How do you know GSA in connection with mobile phone ?
    → Global Mobile Suppliers Association
    6) The ASCI Red project was a collaboration between Sandia Labs and a famous Company.
    Which was the company ?
    → Intel Corporation
    7) This company was started as Multitech in 1976. It began with 11 employees and US$25,000
    capital. Identify the company ?
    → Acer
    8) Which was the software described as “ as industry standard for graphic professionals” ?
    → Adobe Photoshop
    9) In november 2005 MIT research Laboratories unveiled a new laptop computer, for
    educational use around the world. What was it’s name?
    → OLPC or $100 or XO1
    10) Who is known as the “ Father of Information Theory” ?
    → Claude Elwood Shannon.

    April 14, 2010

    Gadgets 01

    Identify the gadget. This is the first E-book reader from India ?

    ANS: InfiBeam Pi

    April 11, 2010

    Tech Questions 17

    1) The languages Perl, PHP and ‘x’ are known as “ The Three Ps”. Now tell which is the language
    denoted by x ?
    → Python
    2) Name the web appliccation frame work from Microsoft that provide functionalities similar to
    that of Adobe Flash ?
    → Silverlight
    3) Born on Februay 24, 1955. He is an American Businessman. He had served as the CEO of Pixar
    Animation Studios. He belongs to Apple Inc. Who is he ?
    → Steve Jobs
    4) How do you know the device - “ iTV” now ?
    → Apple TV
    5) TMTOWTDI – is the short for one of the slogan of the programmig language Perl. What is it’s
    expansion ?
    → “There’s is More Than One Way To Do It.”
    6) What is the expansion of D-SLR in the field of Cameras ?
    → Digital – Single Lense Reflex
    7) Who acquired Ximian, a developer of Open Source Linux Applications in 2003
    → Novell
    8) Name the CPU used in the first commercially successful portable microcomputer – Osborne 1 ?
    → Zilog Z80 ( 4.0 MHz )
    9) The products such as Treo, Centro & Tungston are from which company ?
    → Palm
    10) This company was formaly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Now their slogan
    is “ Ideas For Life “. Identify the company ?
    → Panasonic

    April 4, 2010

    Tech Questions 16

    1) This term is related to multimedia. This term is formed by contracting the words “ Future” & “
    Splash”. What we are talking about ?
    → Flash
    2) We might have heard CDMA & TDMA. What is FDMA ?
    → Frequency Division Multiple Access
    3) Name the open source project hosted by the IT giant Microsoft ?
    → Codeplex
    4) Which is the German Video game company founded in 1999 by three Turkish Brothers ?
    → Crytek
    5) Really simple question. Name the place where one can use a computer with internet access,
    most for a fee, usually per hour or minute ?
    → Internet Cafe or Cyber Cafe
    6) “ A Personal Computer for Children Of All Ages”. Whose quotes are these ?
    → Alan Kay
    7) Who publishes the games of the series “
    Grand Theft Auto “ ?
    → Rockstar Games.
    8) Which is the global IT Service company headquartered on Noida, founded by Shiv Nadar ?
    → HCL Technologies
    9) How do you know “ Formula Translating System” more clearly ?
    → Fortran
    10) The very first item sold on Ebay was a broken _______?
    Laser Printer Laser Pointer.

    March 29, 2010

    Tech Questions 15

    1) Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner with Richard Troiano, founded this company in 1984. This
    company name is originated from the name of a famous city. Identify the company ?
    → Cisco Systems
    2) This company which was founded in 1982 got it's name from the words compatibility and
    Quality. Which is the company ?
    → Compaq
    3) It is a word processing application developed in 1978 for CP/M. Later, it's 3rd version was
    developed for DOS. Which is the application ?
    → Word Star
    4) This company's present name is an acronym for “ Western India Products “. This company was
    started as a vegitable oil trading company in 1947. Which is the company ?
    → Wipro
    5) Find the odd one
    I) Totem II) VLC
    III) XMMX IV) Empathy
    → Empathy
    6) A really simple question. Who is the father of Internet ?
    → Vinton Gray Cerf.
    7) We know the company VIA. Do you know what VIA stands for?. Ie it's fullform.
    → Very Innovative Architecture
    8) Axim, Dimension & Digital Juke Box are the discontinued brands of a famous company. Which
    is the company?
    → Dell
    9) The first Consumer Electronics show was held in june 1967. Say where it was held at?
    → Newyork
    10) EEE brand named netbooks are from Asus. What these 3 E's stands for?
    → Easy to Learn, Easy to work, Easy to play

    March 28, 2010

    Tech Questions 14

    1) How do you know “Grisoft” now ?
    → AVG Technologies
    2) Microsoft : Xbox 360, Sony : PlayStation 3, Nintendo:_______ ?
    → Wii
    3) Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & wii belongs to which generation ?
    → seventh generation ( 7th generation)
    4) Whose tag line is “ideas for life” ?
    → Panasonic
    5) Which is the search engine system for the Gopher Protocol, developed in 1992 by Steven Foster
    and Fred Barrie at the university of Nevada, Reno ?
    → Veronica
    6) Assassin's Creed Series & Far Cry Series are from _____?
    7) What is the unit of mouse movement ?
    → Mickey
    8) Which programming language is known for it's turtle graphics ?
    → LOGO
    9) He created the B Programming language. He is a distinguished engineer of Google. Who is he?
    → Ken Thompson
    10) Whose motto is “ The supercomputing people ” ?
    → CDAC

    March 21, 2010

    Tech Questions 13

    1) How do you know common business oriented language ?
    → COBOL
    2) This company began it foray into laptops with the purchase of Texas Instrument's Mobile PC
    division in 1997. Which is the company?
    → Acer
    3) TIFR is a premier institution in India for higher education and research . It is located at
    Mumbai. Expand TIFR
    → Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
    4) “ The best way to predict future is to discover it “ . These are the words of a famous
    computerist. Who is he ?
    → Alan Kay
    5) This supercomputer was the first one which rated above 1 TeraFLOPS. Which the
    supercomputer ?
    → ASCI Red
    6) This company was named by the fondness of it's founders for the hit television series The XFiles.
    Nelson Gonzalez is its co-founder. Which is the company ?
    → Alienware.
    7) There have been two explanations of it's project name. One is that it was named in respect for
    one of the native American Tribe. This is greatly related & being used in the web. What is it ?
    → Apache
    8) IMT-2000 is a family which contain standards such as 3G,GSM EDGE etc.. What is it's full
    → International Mobile Telecommunication-2000
    9) The first pre-commercial 3G network was launched by NTT DoCoMo in Japan. What was its
    brand name ?
    → FOMA
    10) Apple Inc was established in April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and X. X sold his
    shares on company to Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak. Who is described here as X ?
    → Ronald Wayne.

    March 14, 2010

    Tech Questions 12

    1) “THINK” is a motto related to a giant company. Which is the company ?
    → IBM
    2) Which game console uses the Cell Broadband Engine ( CPU) ?
    → PlayStation 3
    3) Atom is the brand name of which company ?
    → Intel
    4) It was developed from telegraphic codes. Its first commercial use was as a sevenbit
    code promoted by Bell Data Services. Its development formally begun in 1960. What is
    described here?
    → ASCII
    5) Who designed the Dyna book ?
    → Alan Kay
    6) What is the sms of internet ?
    → Twitter
    7) Which was the first spread sheet program available for personal computers ?
    → Visicalc
    8) This famous video sharing site was developed by three former paypal employees. Which is it ?
    → Youtube.
    9) This company's logo has three rings in it. It's Nasdaq code is COMS. Identify the company ?
    → 3COM
    10) Whose tag line is “ leap ahead” ?
    → Intel

    March 7, 2010

    Tech Questions 11

    1)Who is the chairman of Mahindra Satyam ?

    Vineet Nayyar

    2) This is a company fully owned by Tata Group. It is located in Pune, India. It is concentrated on

    research and development in the filed of high performance computing. Which is it?

    → CRL ( Computational Research Laboratories.

    3) You know Googleplex is the head quarters of Google. How do you know googolplex in

    mathematics ?

    → (10^10)^100. That is 10 raised to 10 raised to 100. Or 10 raised to 10 ^googol

    4) What is the dimension of a SD card ?

    → 32 mm x 24 mm x 2.1 mm (length x Breadth x Height )

    5) What is the dimension of Micro SD card ?

    → 15 mm x 11 mm

    6) Which is the High Speed Wireless internet service from MTS ?
    → M Blaze

    7) Which year is known as the Alan Turing Year ?
    → 2012

    8) Smarter planet is the project of which company ?
    → IBM

    9) This company started on 1938 in Korea. It’s name means Tristar or Three starts. Which is the company?
    → Samsung

    10) Project Natal is a project related to a game console. Which is the game console ?
    → Xbox 360 ( by Microsoft).

    February 28, 2010

    Tech Questions 10

    1) We know many types of phobias. Then what is called the fear to computer ?
    → Logizomechanophobia.
    2) A company brought Which is the company ?
    → Apple
    3) It is the first and largest body of computer professionals in India. It was started on 6 March
    1965.Which is it ?
    → CSI ( Computer Society of India )
    4) Which company brought the “classmate PC”, a low cost netbook ?
    → Intel
    5) “Nexus One” is the smart phone from Google. But it is manufactured by another company.
    Which is that company ?
    → HTC
    6) What is CDMA stands for ?
    → Code Division Multiple Access
    7) Who written the book - “ The Art of Computer Programming” ?
    → Donald Knuth
    8) where did laser printer was developed ?
    → In Xerox
    9) For gamers. What is NFS stands for ?
    → Need For Speed
    10) What is DIVX stands for ?
    → Digital Video Express.