April 4, 2010

Tech Questions 16

1) This term is related to multimedia. This term is formed by contracting the words “ Future” & “
Splash”. What we are talking about ?
→ Flash
2) We might have heard CDMA & TDMA. What is FDMA ?
→ Frequency Division Multiple Access
3) Name the open source project hosted by the IT giant Microsoft ?
→ Codeplex
4) Which is the German Video game company founded in 1999 by three Turkish Brothers ?
→ Crytek
5) Really simple question. Name the place where one can use a computer with internet access,
most for a fee, usually per hour or minute ?
→ Internet Cafe or Cyber Cafe
6) “ A Personal Computer for Children Of All Ages”. Whose quotes are these ?
→ Alan Kay
7) Who publishes the games of the series “
Grand Theft Auto “ ?
→ Rockstar Games.
8) Which is the global IT Service company headquartered on Noida, founded by Shiv Nadar ?
→ HCL Technologies
9) How do you know “ Formula Translating System” more clearly ?
→ Fortran
10) The very first item sold on Ebay was a broken _______?
Laser Printer Laser Pointer.


  1. its not laser printer... itz laser pointer....

  2. Thanks for the comment. We would correct that.