March 29, 2010

Tech Questions 15

1) Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner with Richard Troiano, founded this company in 1984. This
company name is originated from the name of a famous city. Identify the company ?
→ Cisco Systems
2) This company which was founded in 1982 got it's name from the words compatibility and
Quality. Which is the company ?
→ Compaq
3) It is a word processing application developed in 1978 for CP/M. Later, it's 3rd version was
developed for DOS. Which is the application ?
→ Word Star
4) This company's present name is an acronym for “ Western India Products “. This company was
started as a vegitable oil trading company in 1947. Which is the company ?
→ Wipro
5) Find the odd one
I) Totem II) VLC
III) XMMX IV) Empathy
→ Empathy
6) A really simple question. Who is the father of Internet ?
→ Vinton Gray Cerf.
7) We know the company VIA. Do you know what VIA stands for?. Ie it's fullform.
→ Very Innovative Architecture
8) Axim, Dimension & Digital Juke Box are the discontinued brands of a famous company. Which
is the company?
→ Dell
9) The first Consumer Electronics show was held in june 1967. Say where it was held at?
→ Newyork
10) EEE brand named netbooks are from Asus. What these 3 E's stands for?
→ Easy to Learn, Easy to work, Easy to play


  1. Your 6th answer is wrong. Vinton Cerf is the father of TCP/IP.
    Father of Internet is Frank J Heart and Dr. Leonard Kleinrock

  2. vinton cerf is the ri8 ans. google it and u'll get it