March 29, 2010

Tech Questions 15

1) Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner with Richard Troiano, founded this company in 1984. This
company name is originated from the name of a famous city. Identify the company ?
→ Cisco Systems
2) This company which was founded in 1982 got it's name from the words compatibility and
Quality. Which is the company ?
→ Compaq
3) It is a word processing application developed in 1978 for CP/M. Later, it's 3rd version was
developed for DOS. Which is the application ?
→ Word Star
4) This company's present name is an acronym for “ Western India Products “. This company was
started as a vegitable oil trading company in 1947. Which is the company ?
→ Wipro
5) Find the odd one
I) Totem II) VLC
III) XMMX IV) Empathy
→ Empathy
6) A really simple question. Who is the father of Internet ?
→ Vinton Gray Cerf.
7) We know the company VIA. Do you know what VIA stands for?. Ie it's fullform.
→ Very Innovative Architecture
8) Axim, Dimension & Digital Juke Box are the discontinued brands of a famous company. Which
is the company?
→ Dell
9) The first Consumer Electronics show was held in june 1967. Say where it was held at?
→ Newyork
10) EEE brand named netbooks are from Asus. What these 3 E's stands for?
→ Easy to Learn, Easy to work, Easy to play

March 28, 2010

Tech Questions 14

1) How do you know “Grisoft” now ?
→ AVG Technologies
2) Microsoft : Xbox 360, Sony : PlayStation 3, Nintendo:_______ ?
→ Wii
3) Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & wii belongs to which generation ?
→ seventh generation ( 7th generation)
4) Whose tag line is “ideas for life” ?
→ Panasonic
5) Which is the search engine system for the Gopher Protocol, developed in 1992 by Steven Foster
and Fred Barrie at the university of Nevada, Reno ?
→ Veronica
6) Assassin's Creed Series & Far Cry Series are from _____?
7) What is the unit of mouse movement ?
→ Mickey
8) Which programming language is known for it's turtle graphics ?
9) He created the B Programming language. He is a distinguished engineer of Google. Who is he?
→ Ken Thompson
10) Whose motto is “ The supercomputing people ” ?

March 21, 2010

Tech Questions 13

1) How do you know common business oriented language ?
2) This company began it foray into laptops with the purchase of Texas Instrument's Mobile PC
division in 1997. Which is the company?
→ Acer
3) TIFR is a premier institution in India for higher education and research . It is located at
Mumbai. Expand TIFR
→ Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
4) “ The best way to predict future is to discover it “ . These are the words of a famous
computerist. Who is he ?
→ Alan Kay
5) This supercomputer was the first one which rated above 1 TeraFLOPS. Which the
supercomputer ?
→ ASCI Red
6) This company was named by the fondness of it's founders for the hit television series The XFiles.
Nelson Gonzalez is its co-founder. Which is the company ?
→ Alienware.
7) There have been two explanations of it's project name. One is that it was named in respect for
one of the native American Tribe. This is greatly related & being used in the web. What is it ?
→ Apache
8) IMT-2000 is a family which contain standards such as 3G,GSM EDGE etc.. What is it's full
→ International Mobile Telecommunication-2000
9) The first pre-commercial 3G network was launched by NTT DoCoMo in Japan. What was its
brand name ?
10) Apple Inc was established in April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and X. X sold his
shares on company to Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak. Who is described here as X ?
→ Ronald Wayne.

March 14, 2010

Tech Questions 12

1) “THINK” is a motto related to a giant company. Which is the company ?
2) Which game console uses the Cell Broadband Engine ( CPU) ?
→ PlayStation 3
3) Atom is the brand name of which company ?
→ Intel
4) It was developed from telegraphic codes. Its first commercial use was as a sevenbit
code promoted by Bell Data Services. Its development formally begun in 1960. What is
described here?
5) Who designed the Dyna book ?
→ Alan Kay
6) What is the sms of internet ?
→ Twitter
7) Which was the first spread sheet program available for personal computers ?
→ Visicalc
8) This famous video sharing site was developed by three former paypal employees. Which is it ?
→ Youtube.
9) This company's logo has three rings in it. It's Nasdaq code is COMS. Identify the company ?
→ 3COM
10) Whose tag line is “ leap ahead” ?
→ Intel

March 7, 2010

Tech Questions 11

1)Who is the chairman of Mahindra Satyam ?

Vineet Nayyar

2) This is a company fully owned by Tata Group. It is located in Pune, India. It is concentrated on

research and development in the filed of high performance computing. Which is it?

→ CRL ( Computational Research Laboratories.

3) You know Googleplex is the head quarters of Google. How do you know googolplex in

mathematics ?

→ (10^10)^100. That is 10 raised to 10 raised to 100. Or 10 raised to 10 ^googol

4) What is the dimension of a SD card ?

→ 32 mm x 24 mm x 2.1 mm (length x Breadth x Height )

5) What is the dimension of Micro SD card ?

→ 15 mm x 11 mm

6) Which is the High Speed Wireless internet service from MTS ?
→ M Blaze

7) Which year is known as the Alan Turing Year ?
→ 2012

8) Smarter planet is the project of which company ?

9) This company started on 1938 in Korea. It’s name means Tristar or Three starts. Which is the company?
→ Samsung

10) Project Natal is a project related to a game console. Which is the game console ?
→ Xbox 360 ( by Microsoft).