September 27, 2011

Google's 13th birthday special Doodle

Google is celebrating it's 13th birthday today.
Here is the Google's special  doodle for it's 13th birthday.

This special doodle is  photograph that shows Google's 13th birthday celebrations. There is a cake on a table with 13 candles on it & the GOOGLE logo sits around the table in party hats and baloons adding to the celebratory mood. And also There are certain gifts in the table.

September 21, 2011

Tech Quiz 29

 1. X was in development from April 2007, and released on 3 March 2008. Its main developer was Ian Hickon. What is X?
A: Acid3

2. He was an American computer scientist who received Turing Award in 1998 and he was lost at sea during a solo sailing trip?
A: Jim Gray

3. What process is called Tethering?
A: The use of mobile phone as a Internet gateway for another device (PC/Laptop)

4. This is an American company involved in the research of low power computer display technology. This was founded by Mary Lou Jepsen, who was previously the CTO of OLPC project?
A: Pixel Qi

5. If Google has Goggles , who own “Point & Find”?
A: Nokia

6. Mark Weiser coined this phrase around 1988 during his tenure as Cheif Technologist of Xerox PARC. Which is the phrase?
A: Ubiquitous Computing

7. Who started the Wb Standards Project (WaSP) in 1998?
A: George Olsen

8. Name the utility that automatically builds the executable and libraries from source code which was originally created by Stuart Feldman in 1997 at Bell Labs?
A: Make

9. “Sundance” is a code name of one product (video editing) from Microsoft. Which is the product?
A: Windows Live Movie Maker

10. X was orginated in 1987, when Joe Becker from Xerox and Lee Collins and Mark Davis from Apple started investigating the practicalities of creating a universal character set. What is X?
A: Unicode

September 11, 2011

Tech Quiz 28

1. As of March 2011, world's largest mobile operator with more than 600 million
A: China Mobile

2. "Gesher" was it's first codename, it was released in 9th January 2009 by Intel. On what code name you know it now?
A: Sandy Bridge

3. We often say a processor is manufactured under "32 nm"(nanometer) process. What does 32 nm indicate?
A: It refers to the expected average half­pitch (i.e., half the distance between identical features) of a memory cell at this technology level.

4. What do you mean by Data archaeology?
A: It refers to the art and science of recovering computer data encrypted in now obsolete media or formats.

5. What are Haswell & Broadwell ?
A: These are the codename for a processor microarchitecture to be developed by Intel.

6. Who is in the designation  CEO, Yahoo ( as of 10 September 2011).?
A: Tim Morse

7. Who is known as the father of IBM PC?
A: Don Estridge

8. Name the optical semiconductor that is the core of DLP projecion Technology and was invented by Dr. Larry Hornbeck and Dr. William E Nelson of Texas Instrument in 1987?
A: DMD (Digital Micromirror Device)

9. This term was coined in 1960 when Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline used it in an article about the advantages of self­regulating human­machine systems in outer space. Which is the term?
A: Cyborg

10.This company was started by G.L. Mirchandani and Vijay Mansukhani in 1981 in Mumbai and it is one of India’s leading electronics brand. Identify the company?
A: Onida Electronics