September 21, 2011

Tech Quiz 29

 1. X was in development from April 2007, and released on 3 March 2008. Its main developer was Ian Hickon. What is X?
A: Acid3

2. He was an American computer scientist who received Turing Award in 1998 and he was lost at sea during a solo sailing trip?
A: Jim Gray

3. What process is called Tethering?
A: The use of mobile phone as a Internet gateway for another device (PC/Laptop)

4. This is an American company involved in the research of low power computer display technology. This was founded by Mary Lou Jepsen, who was previously the CTO of OLPC project?
A: Pixel Qi

5. If Google has Goggles , who own “Point & Find”?
A: Nokia

6. Mark Weiser coined this phrase around 1988 during his tenure as Cheif Technologist of Xerox PARC. Which is the phrase?
A: Ubiquitous Computing

7. Who started the Wb Standards Project (WaSP) in 1998?
A: George Olsen

8. Name the utility that automatically builds the executable and libraries from source code which was originally created by Stuart Feldman in 1997 at Bell Labs?
A: Make

9. “Sundance” is a code name of one product (video editing) from Microsoft. Which is the product?
A: Windows Live Movie Maker

10. X was orginated in 1987, when Joe Becker from Xerox and Lee Collins and Mark Davis from Apple started investigating the practicalities of creating a universal character set. What is X?
A: Unicode

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