October 15, 2010

Tech Quiz 21

  1. K5 and K6 were the micro processors from AMD. What do the “K” stands for?
  2. How do you know the company “Tokyo Shibaura Denki” now?
  3. Natty Narwhal is the code name of ?
  4. AJAR is a application software platform owned by?
  5. Expand “MOODLE”?
  6. Drupal, Joomla are examples of?
  7. Jane Silber is the CEO of ?
  8. Expand DOF. Hint: Related to robots?
  9. Tecra and Portege and the laptop series from ?
  10. “Check Out” is online payment service by?

Answers added on 19/10/2010:
  1.  Kryptonite
  2.  Toshiba ( Tokyo Shibaura Denki )
  3. Upcoming ubuntu 11.04
  4.  Motorola
  5.  Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.
  6.  CMC ( Content Management Systems )
  7.  Canonical
  8.  Degree Of Freedom
  9.  Toshiba
  10.  Google


    1. My name is Manikandan, winner of the Chennai edition.

      1. K stands for Kryptonite
      3.Ubuntu 11.04
      4.Oracle (it is part of the java platform)
      5.Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment
      6.Content management systems
      7.Canonical Inc. (makers of Ubuntu)
      8.Degrees of Freedom

      Thanks for the questions.