October 29, 2010

Tech Quiz 23

  1. It was started out as an experiment in November 2004 mainly by Kevin Rose. Matt Williams is the present CEO. What is described here?
    A: Digg
  2. He founded the company , Wheels of Zeus in 2001. Who am i point to?
    A: Steve Wozniak
  3. KIN is the brand name owned by?
    A: Microsoft
  4. S-LCD is a a joint venture between two companies established in 2004. One is samsung, which is the other company?
    A: Sony
  5. Expand OLED?
    A: Organic Light Emitting Diode
  6. How do you know Ambient Lignting Technology?
    A: Ambilight
  7. Pixel Plus, is a proprietary digital filter image processing technology. Which company is known for it’s development?
    A: Philips
  8. "providing trust for the Internet and Electronic Commerce through our Digital Authentication services and products." This quote belongs to which companies history?
    A: Verisign
  9. Acid 2, Acid 3 are tests to check the browser’s compatability. Name the personality who devloped this?
    A: Lan Hickson
  10. Presto, Gecko & Tasman are example of ?
    A: Web layout Engines or Rendering Engines for web browsers.


  1. 1. digg
    2. steve wozniak
    3. microsoft
    4. sony
    5. organic light emmiting diode
    6. ambilight
    7. phillip
    8. verisign
    10 mozilla browser versions

  2. acid 1 created by Todd Fahrner

  3. acid 2 and acid 3 created by Ian Hickson