July 5, 2010

Questions 19

1) Aperture is the Photo Editing & Management software from ?
2) How do you know video audio integrated operation
→VAIO ( notebooks from Sony)
3) XP in windows XP stands for ?
→ Experience
4) Project Natal Belongs to which game console & company?
→ Xbox and Microsoft
5) Name the open source video format based on HTML5 by Google?
→ WebM
6) Google celebrated the 30th birthday of a popular game with playable doodle of
the game. Which is the game?
→ Pac Man
7) What do FIRA stands for ?
→ Federation of International Robosoccer Association
8) 'TV meets Web. Web meets TV'. What's tag lineis this?
→ Google TV
9) MileStone is a smart phone from which company?
→ Motorola
10) How do you know the Dell Mini 5 now?
→ Dell Streak

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  1. i suggest u not to post the answers right away..give some time for the viewers to attempt..
    Anyways good blog.. Keep it up..