January 24, 2010

Tech Questions 06

1) Whose online nickname is 'Jimbo' ?
→ Jimmy Wales (Founder of wikipedia).
2) He was in Xerox when he invented Laser Printer. Who is he ?
→ Gary Starkweather
3) He called Internet as 'Information Super Highway'. He was vice president of America. He also
received Nobel Prize for peace. Who is described here ?
→ Al Gore.
4) He born in England. He is regarded as the father of computer science. Who is he ?
→ Alan Turing.
5) Expand SVTC. It is related to Electronic waste ?
→ Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition.
6) This company brought the first wireless hard disk. Name the company?
→ Imation.
7) This comapy is known for bringing first USB 3.0 thumb drive. Which is the company ?
→ Super talent.
8) T9 in mobile devices helps to increase the typing speed. What is T9 ?
→ Text in 9 keys.
9) CMM is a service mark owned by Carnegie Mellon University. What is CMM ?
→ Capability Maturity Model.
10) What is gTLD in relation with domain names ?
→ Generic Top Level Domain.

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