January 17, 2010

Tech Questions 05

1) Who Developed the GNU/LINUX kernel ?
→ Linus Torvalds
2) Geocities was a free web hosting service and it was stopped . Whose service was this ?
3) In which code does SUN Inc is listed in the NASDAQ, America's famous stock exchange?
4) Ymail and rocketmail are the email domains from which company ?
→ Yahoo
5) Expand ICANN
→ Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
6) Name the application Virtulisation Project of Microsoft and Sandisk ?
→ Start Key.
7)Karmic kola, Jaunty Jackpole, Hardy Heron are the code names of different versions of an Operating System. Which is the operating system ?
→ Ubuntu
8)“who do you know” is the slogan of which famous social networking website ?
→ Orkut
9) This is a small format of projector that can be used as a stand alone projector or as an integrated component in mobile devices, and uses the same technology that powers standard projectors. Name it ?
→ Pico Projector.
10) Mojopac is an application virtualisation software. Which company's product is this ?
→ Ringcube Technologies.

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