February 7, 2010

Tech Questions 08

1)This term is used when you feel sheepish or regretful about something you tweeted. Which is
the term ?
→ Tweepish
2)This is a free email service. Its name is somehow derived from the word 'HTML'. Its now under
Microsoft. Name it ?
→ HoTMaiL
3) A mobile phone is blind friendly. How can you justify that ?
→ The key with the number 5 is dented.
4) How do you now Asynchronous Java Script and XML ?
5) What is LTE in mobile technology ?
→ Long Term Evolution
6) photon+ and netconnect broadband+ give 3.1mbps of wireless Internet which technology is
behind this?
→ EVDO ( EVolution Data Optimised )
7) This company provide sms channel service in India. Name the company ?
→ Google ( labs)
8) whose tag line is “ Do no evil “ ?
→ google
9) Booklet 3G is a netbook from which company ?
10) what is Salinger syndrome. It s related to computer ?
→ It is slang for the tendency to believe that every thing you read on the internet.

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